Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Drawn To Politics?

It would be easy for someone to come to the conclusion that more people are into politics than ever before. One reason for this is that so much of what is spoken about on social media relates to this area. If someone was to engage in black and white thinking, they could even believe that everyone is into this area. Yet if they were to use their ability to think, and didn’t get caught up in this type of faulty thinking, it would still be clear that this is no longer a fringe area. And although some people will just share things online, there will be others that have gone even further. Some of these people will describe themselves as activists, meaning that they will spend a lot of their time attending different rallies, amongst others things. For others, this will also include writing articles, making videos and giving talks.

There will even be a small amount of people who are hoping to move up the ladder and to become politicians. One way to look at the people that spend a fair amount of their time engaged in this area would be to say that they are simply people that care. Someone like this will have a clear sense that the world isn’t right and they will want to correct this. According to this, the greater their interest, the greater their sense will be that something isn’t right. However, even if this is what is running through their conscious mind, it doesn’t mean that what is taking place in their unconscious mind is not playing a part in all this. When it comes to what is taking place at a deeper level, in their unconscious mind, this will relate to things that they are not aware of. Said another way, one can believe that they are doing something for one reason, but this could be nothing more than an illusion.

Behind the reason/s that they say they are doing something could be a number of other reasons, and these reasons might not have anything to do with the reason/s they are consciously aware of. One way for someone to find out why they are really drawn to this area would be to connect to themselves and to see what comes up. This might not be as easy as it would be for them to go inside a house and to see what’s in there, though, as it could take a while for them to really tune into how they feel. One will be getting out of their head and going into their body; this is where they will be able to connect with their emotional reason/s for why they do what they do. If one is carrying a lot of emotional pain and has disconnected from their body in order to protect themselves from this pain, it could take a while for them to reconnect to it.

One thing they may need to do is to reach out for external support, so that they can work through this pain. Meditating a few times a week can also help them to detach from their mind and to be more objective. Anyway, through engaging in this work, one can gradually find out if they are really aware of why they are drawn to this area. If they were to find out that they are not doing it for the reason/s they thought they were, it will allow them to direct their time and energy towards the things that do matter to them. Still, it could be said it is unlikely that someone like this would take this route, due to the fact that they will probably be so caught up in what is taking place externally. Like someone who is eating their favourite food; they could be completely immersed in what is going on and have absolutely no desire to change. It is then not going to matter if they are unaware of the reason/s why they are behaving in this way.